Handcrafted Furniture From Our Woodshop to Your Home

Wood Species Info

We are proud to offer three different American wood species. Here are the differences between them.

  • White Pine $ - White Pine was our first ever wood species and is still our most popular. Sourced from the Northeast, this is one the most common and widely used timbers in the US. Pine is a softwood, meaning it can dent easily and distress overtime, helping create its farmhouse look and appeal. With its straight and knotty grain pattern, it will continue to be sought after for furniture for a long time. 

  • Red Oak $$ - Red Oak is a timeless, American classic hardwood. It shows a coarse texture and is straight grained, hard, tough, very stiff, and strong. Arguably the most popular hardwood, Red Oak makes for a beautiful table top that will last lifetimes. 

  • American Walnut $$$ - Northwest American Walnut is one of the scarcest and most coveted native hardwoods. It is in a class by itself and sets the standard for American furniture. It is heavy, hard, stiff, and shows great shock resistance. Its course texture and distinct grain patterns, make it prized for dining tables, living and dining room furniture, and much more. With its peaceful grain patterns, our walnut tables and furniture will surely turn heads for years to come.