Sound Wave Art - 3ft Sign

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Make your memories and moments last FOREVER. Capture a sound that is special to you and we will transfer it onto a wood sign that will stay with you always.

*Approx. 13" x 33" x 1"

Sound Wave Art is GREAT for all occasions!

Here are some examples:

  • Wedding, Engagement, Anniversary ("Will you marry me")
  • In Memoriam (have an old voicemail or video of someone who has passed? Send it to us!)
  • Baby/Nursery (baby's heartbeat, baby's first laugh, saying "mama", etc)
  • Song Lyrics
  • Parent or Grandparent Gifts (For Example, "We love you Grandmom")


We kindly request that sound waves be approx. 10 seconds long, however we understand that some files will be longer than that. Please let us know the time stamp in which you would like us to capture the audio. For example, if your video or clip is three minutes long, but you would like us to capture the sound in a specific spot on the clip we have to know where that audio is (i.e. 1:06-1:16)

*Audio clips are all different- there will be some variation in appearance based on the length, quality, and variation of the clip we have received.

*All signs are made by hand and have varying characteristics

-Includes hanging hardware

-Please allow 7-10 days for production time



  1. From our website: Click "upload" and choose the audio or video clip you would like to use. 
  2. From an outside sound source- you will need to record a new sound clip (often used to record an old voicemail or home video): On your iPhone or other digital device, open the Voice Memos App. Either record a new message by talking OR record the sound you are trying to capture. Click "share" voice memo, then "save to files," then visit the sound wave listing again and upload your newly saved file.
  3. *IF YOU ARE HAVING DIFFICULTY UPLOADING YOUR AUDIO OR VIDEO FILE, please send us an email with the file (including the time stamp of the audio you'd like to use- i.e. 1:06-1:16 in the clip) and we will add it to your order. Our email address is